6 Ways to Find a Water Leak in Your House

6 Ways to Find a Water Leak in Your House

Plenty of warning signs indicate that water is leaking somewhere in your house. You may get a call from the water company telling you your bill is higher than normal. Sometimes you can hear it, when you hear water run for a minute and then shut off.  But there is no water manual that comes with the purchase of a home. However, there several ways to find a water leak in your house.

Check the water meter

You hear water running, but you are not sure where it is coming from. Go out to your water meter and do some inspecting of your own. Look at the little dial on your water meter. If it is spinning, that means water is runningwater-meter-check-for-leak through your meter and there is a leak somewhere in your house.

Check the hot water heater

Go to your hot water heater and turn off the valve. Wait a minute and then turn it back on. If you do not hear a surge, then you know there is no leak on the hot side. That means there must be a cold water leak.

Check your toilet

A cold water leak could come from either your toilet or an outside faucet. If you hear water come on for a minute and then go off, then there is a problem with your toilet. When it comes on and then shuts off, it is a sign that tank ball is leaking through and needs to be repaired or replaced. One way to check is to put a little food coloring in the top of the toilet before you go to sleep. If dye is in bowl the next morning, then you know it has leaked through.

toilet-tank-ball or flapper

Check your outside faucet

When winter rolls around, many people forget to take their hoses inside. This does not allow the antifreeze hydrant to drain and it can freeze during a very cold winter. When it freezes, the copper tubing splits and water winds up leaking in the wall or outside. It will only happen when you turn on the outside faucet and it could also flood the cellar.

Answer your phone

If with your water is leaking consistently without your knowledge, it will show up with your water company. When a large volume of water is being used, your water company will notice the difference. If that continues, the company will often phone the homeowner to divulge the issue.


If there is a water leak underground, no kind of x-ray vision will help you to see it. However, you can listen for hissing, splashing, thumping or clicking sounds. If you hear those noises, there is usually a leak. But no wave of a wand will repair it. Fixing the leak might require digging up the ground and replacing the pipes.


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