My Air Conditioner Stopped Working, What’s Wrong?

My Air Conditioner Stopped Working, What’s Wrong?

So your air conditioner stopped working, it’s the middle of the summer, and they’re calling for a scorcher next week. What do you do? We’ve been there, and we know how miserable it can be. We’ve got some advice for you though, so hang in there!

If your air conditioner is no longer cooling your house, there’s a variety of problems it could be.

We should try to narrow it down before calling the hvac professionals though, it might be an easy fix! First, check to see if the indoor fan is blowing air. If the indoor fan isn’t blowing air, odds are nothing’s happening.

If air is blowing in the house, but it’s not cool, go outside and check if the condenser is running. If it’s not, but the indoor fan is running, you’re not going to get any cool air. If the outdoor unit isn’t running, you’re going to want to check your breakers to see if one tripped.

If your breakers are all on and you’re still not getting any cool air, you should call the professionals. It could be anything from low freon, to a broken motor. We’d be happy to help you out at Wilbur Henry Plumbing Heating and AC so give us a call today at 717-755-5461.

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