Don’t Look Like A Rookie When Shopping For A New Central AC Unit

How To Not Look Like A Rookie When Shopping For A New Central AC Unit

What My Competitors Don’t Want Your To Know

Purchasing a new central air conditioning unit is not like going to the market and picking up milk and eggs. It requires a bit of homework. The first step is going online and learning about SEER ratings. A SEER rating central-air-york-pais a way of rating the efficiency of an air conditioner. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the SEER rating, the more money you will save. It is comparable to MPG (miles per gallon) ratio in a car.

Check For Rebates On New Central Air Units

With the purchase of certain model air conditioners, there will be rebates. For example, a 16 SEER air conditioner will usually have about a $300 rebate while a 14 SEER generally includes a $200 rebate. However, there needs to be a power source capable of running the air conditioner of a certain size. For a 16 SEER air conditioner, you would need a two stage furnace. So purchasing a higher SEER without an adequate furnace would be a waste of money.

Extended Warranties. Are They Right For You?

Whatever type of air conditioner you wind up purchasing, someone will try to sell you a warranty. Most manufacturers guarantee their air conditioning equipment for 10 years. So what salesmen actually try to sell customers is a labor warranty. However, they are not just looking out for your best interest. If you agree to a warranty, what the distributor will do is take out an insurance policy on your unit. In the event that something malfunctions, the distributor will get paid by the insurance company for coming out and fixing it.

Beware of warrantees when shopping for a central AC unit. Extended warranties are not a wise investment. Out of 100 people, usually two or three might wind up cashing in on their warranty. The percentages are stacked very high against the consumer when it comes to extended warranties.

Consider How Long You Plan To Stay In The Property

There is also the consideration of how long you plan to live in the home where the central air conditioning unit will be installed. If you are planning to be there approximately five years or less, then a 13 SEER air conditioning unit is probably your best buy. It won’t cost as much as a higher SEER unit and will serve its purpose for the short term.

If you are planning on living in a home more than five years, then it would be wise to invest in a higher SEER unit. This would provide you with a higher efficiency unit, which would prove more advantageous in the long run. Summers are getting hotter and the price of electricity continues to rise. A higher SEER will help you save on utility bills now and even more so in the future.

Is The Company Go To Be There Next Year If You Need Service?

The last thing to consider is to seek out a reputable distributor and not some pop-up business. You want to buy from someone reputable with a history in the business. If a problem arises, you want to be able to go back to a business that will stand behind its equipment. If you have any additional questions call our office at 717-755-5461 or use our central AC contact form.


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