HVAC Technician Wanted

Tom and Crystal.  I installed the application form we use for Carryout Courier.

I did not even attempt to make any customization.  Let me know what you want to change.

You can test filling it out and see how it comes into you, via email.

I could add in “what year did you graduate, so you have an idea of their age.

What I do is put an add on craigslist then put a link from craigslist to this page.  I also restate the job description at the top of this page where this writing is at.  See http://www.carryoutcourier.com/york_driver_app.htm

Personal Information
Educational History
Current and Past Employers
Availability, Comments, Etc

AUTHORIZATION TO REVIEW DRIVING RECORD I hereby consent to allow Carryout Courier and its agents to request and receive a copy of my driving record. I acknowledge that this information is being requested because my duties may periodically involve driving vehcles owned, leased or non-owned by the above during the course of business. I agree to rlease the above and its agents and assigns from any liability for use of such information, whether negligent or otherwise. By submitting this application, I agree that it is the same as if I had signed my name in person.

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