How to Fix a Copper Pipe Leak Without Soldering

How to Fix a Copper Pipe Leak Without Soldering

A copper pipe can spring a leak inside your home at any time. It can also occur without any warning signs. But that does not always present an emergency plumbing situation. Most homeowners are not well versed in soldering, whichplumbing-emergency-fix may be the best method of repair. But there are other quick fixes. One way to fix a leak in copper pipe is with flair fittings. Another way is with compression fittings.

The easiest fix is one that is relatively new to the market. The application of SharkBite fittings is a way to circumvent the soldering process. It is a name brand that has introduced a unique product.

SharkBites are fittings with flexible ends. In the event that you need a coupling, these fittings have a brass insert with two brass ends on it. Inside those brass ends are stainless steel teeth, which look almost like a shark bite. Connect them together and it can be held in place with an O-ring which keeps it from leaking. The stainless steel teeth keep it from falling off. This product is not cheap but one of the advantages is SharkBites are replaceable. Just push the ends in and open the teeth so you can pull them apart again.

Great For the DIY – Not The Professional Plumber Choice

Most professional plumbers frown upon using this type of fix, but it is an easy solution for someone looking for a do-it-yourself method. It also comes in handy in older homes where people may be tentative to solder due to the potential threat of starting a fire. Old wood has a tendency to be a lot more flammable, so caution should definitely be taken.

However, you can put the torch away. The use of SharkBites is the easiest way for someone who knows nothing about soldering to fix a leak in a copper pipe.


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