4 Steps To Hiring A Good Plumbing Company

4 Steps To Hiring A Good Plumbing Company

Finding a good plumbing company you can relay is not always an easy task. There are a lot of plumbers in the York County market to choose from. You most likely want someone that you can call that will show up within a reasonable amount of time based on the emergency situation at hand.

You want a plumbing company that will do the job right, and do the job right the 1st time.

You want a plumbing company that will stand by there work. And if there is a problem, (nobody is perfect) they will make it right and make it right with a smile.

And you want to pay a fair price.

1. Check for a Plumbing License

Most municipaties including the city of York PA, Springettbury Township and Dallastown Borough require a pa-attorney-general-101plumber be licensed.  The PA Attorney General also requires contractors to be licensed.  Wilbur Henry’s number is 002124.  

Before agreeing to do business with the company, make sure that they can present a plumbing license.  If they have one, they should be ready and easily willing to show it. Beware of companies that can’t find or produce one.

2. Check with Online Reviews

If consumers are unsatisfied with a service or product that they received, they are often likely to get online and tell all about it.

Search for the plumbing company on the internet and you’ll quickly have access to reviews and other commentary from others who have worked with the company in the past.

Be sure to use unbiased sites that could not have been manipulated by the plumbing company to work in their favor.  Google reviews are a good place to search.  

3. Ask About Their Guarantee

Find out what their policy is on getting money back for work done, the stipulations of getting the money back, etc. If the service is legitimate and genuine, the company will usually guarantee a refund in the event that the consumer is unsatisfied.

4. Get Referrals from Other Home Maintenance Professionals. 

Lastly, get recommendations from other professionals in the home maintenance business. For example, if you had satisfactory work done from an AC repair technician or electrician, ask if they have any referrals for a good plumbing company. The chances are high that they’ll be able to point you in the right direction. 

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