Insulated vs Non-insulated Duct For Your Central Air

Insulated vs Non-insulated Duct For Your Central Air

In most cases, there are much more advantages to insulating air conditioning ducts. This is recommended in a fair amount of places throughout the home such as attics, basements and crawlspaces. A general rule to follow is to keep non-insulated-ductducts insulated in unconditioned spaces where there is no heat.

Because duct work just sits there, it cools down. So when the furnace first comes on, there will be an immediate blast of cool air. To compensate, newer furnaces, especially two-stage or variable speed models, start off slow and then ramp it up. The result is that there won’t be that initial blast of cool air.

Older homes were generally built without insulation on their air conditioning ducts. However, the modern age has been able to shed light on ways to make the most out of saving money and maintaining higher efficiency levels inside the home.  If you are installing a new central air conditioning unit you should certainly install insulated duct work.

Still, many people purchase homes with non-insulated ducts. That does not always mean the ducts have to be replaced.

Options If Your Duct Work Is Not Insulated

There are cheaper alternatives to insulating ducts in an unconditioned space. Using duct wrap can increase efficiency and also save money. It can be done without the help of a professional and while it might not produce as high efficiency as true insulation, it can reduce monthly utility bills.

Checking duct work is the first step towards deciding whether or not insulation is needed. You can do this with a visual inspection followed by turning on your central air conditioner and feeling for leaks. The plastic can become brittle over time and affect the R-Value, which measures the level of installation. Some leaks will need to be patched before the insulation process can begin. In this day and age, it is a wise move to choose the insulation alternative.

Allowing even small doses of cool air to escape your ducts could translate into a lot of cash being doled out on utility bills over the course of time.  Give us a call at 717-755-5461 of use our contact form and we can schedule a no obligation consultation to discuss your options for your central air system.

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