Keep The Stink Bugs Out Of Your Furnace!

Keep The Stink Bugs Out Of Your Furnace!

Over the past few years “stink bugs” seem to be a growing problem in York PA and they can surely cause havoc in your home. Locally, HVAC service York PA has been very busy helping homeowners to keep the stink bugs out of the exhaust pipe and air furnace-intake-exhaust-pipesintake. It is very important to have both of these possible entrances clear as they are accessible from the outside of the home.

They Are Just Looking For Heat Too..

Insects, mice, bees, and stink bugs enter the exhaust and air intake pipes as they seek the heat of the furnace in your home during cooler nights. One solution is to use chicken wire which will allow air to move through the pipes, but still act as a barrier for intruders.

If the stink bugs and other critters are able to enter the pipes, they will “gum up” the fan inducer which can burn the motor out. The chicken wire will help during all times of the year as long as the operation of the unit is not inhibited by a lesser flow of air through the pipes.

Depending on the length of the pipes, the further the run the less air flow which makes it more difficult for the fan inducer to activate the pressure switch with a negative draw. Chicken wire is generally safe because it’s a little bigger, but something more fine may cause the flow of air to be constricted, so screen is not an ideal choice.

How Do You Know If You Restricted The Air Flow?

Put on the wire.  Go back inside and start your furnace.  If it comes on with ignition you will quickly know whether the fan inducer is receiving enough of a flow of air after turning on the furnace.   The furnace will start working and blowing air.Something to keep in mind also, is that as air gets colder it becomes heavier which will also affect how well the air flows through the pipes.

Being Proactive Can Save You Money

You might save yourself a $400 fan inducer motor by being proactive.

Keep The Blockage Away From Exhaust Pipes – Plants, Tarps, Stacks Of Wood

Be sure to keep the pipe openings free of other blockage like tarps, plants in garden beds, and wood stacks too. Remember that the pipes need to effectively exhaust the CO2 and draw enough fresh air to maintain the pressure that the fan inducer needs to operate properly. Try to keep a three foot radius open for the area around those pipes. Also, the air intake and exhaust pipe will generally be pointing in opposite directions because there would be very serious problems if the exhaust were to be sucked in by the intake.

Don’t feel comfortable installing a barrier for your exhaust pipe and air intake? Call a professional HVAC service technician to keep the stink bugs out at 717-755-5461.

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