My Furnace Pilot Light Will Not Stay Lit

My Furnace Pilot Light Will Not Stay Lit

“My furnace pilot light won’t stay lit! What do I do? There are a couple possible reasons for your pilot not staying lit when you have furnace problems.pilot- light- will- not- stay- lit

Either you aren’t holding the safety on long enough, or if you have a newer furnace, the flame sensor may be damaged or dirty.

Okay, So I Tried A Bunch Of Times..

If you have made several attempts to light your pilot and it does not light or stay lit, you may not be holding the safety in long enough. Make sure that you are holding the safety on for at least a full minute.

If after a full minute, the flame goes out when you let go of the safety, the pilot may be dirty. The flame should be blue and if it is white or has white tips, the pilot is dirty and must be taken apart and cleaned by a professional service technician.newer- furnace- with -out- pilot- light

Replace Your Thermocouple Every 5-6 Years

If you haven’t had a thermocouple replaced in five to six years, it is recommended you do that to make sure you won’t have problems with the pilot.  Keep this is mind the next time the HVAC technician is at your house.  Save your self a service call in the future.

New Furnaces Do Not Have A Manual Pilot Light

Newer furnaces have no standing pilot. It’s either lit by a globe coil or spark ignition. In this case, there isn’t a thermocouple either. These units use a flame sensor.

Furnace Goes Off and On Repeatedly?

If you notice that the furnace comes on and goes off repeatedly with a gas burner, check to make sure that the flame sensor is clear of carbon build up. The flame sensor is made of white porcelain and has a metal rod coming out of it. If you find that the sensor appears to be dirty, use steel wool or sandpaper to clean the electrode (metal rod) and save yourself from the cost of calling a technician. Otherwise, the carbon build up causes the burner to short-cycle.

You Gave It A Go To Fix, But Time To Make The Call…

Some furnace related problems are a little more complex. If it seems like what you’re experiencing is not something you can fix yourself, give Wilbur Henry Plumbing, Heating and A/C a call and we can get you back in business in a snap.  Call 717-755-5461.  We can help with your HVAC repair needs!

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