Why Did My Well Pump Stop Working?

Why Did My Well Pump Stop Working?

When it comes to supplying your house with water, wells certainly have their benefits. For one, you’re saving on paying more out of pocket for city lines pumping to your house. What do you do, though, when the water stops running? That’s the question we’re tackling today.

When we get a call about well pumps running dry, the first thing we want our customers to check is the breaker box in their house. Sometimes the pump is simply using too much power and the breaker will trip. If it continually trips, or the pump still isn’t working despite no breakers being tripped, there’s a variety of issues that may be at hand.

Well pumps get a lot of use

With as much use as well pumps get, it shouldn’t be surprising that wear and tear can get the best of them eventually. Broken wires or burned out motors are among some of the calls we’ve serviced in the past. Sometimes the pressure switch that tells the pump when to come on goes up. Clogged pipes can cause the problem as well.

If your well pump has stopped working and you’ve already ensured that power is running to it, you should rely on professionals to take a look at it. Wilbur Henry Plumbing Heating and A/C would be happy to help get your water running again. Call us today at 717-755-5461.

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