What is Radiant Heat?

What Is Radiant Heat?

There’s nothing worse in the winter time than turning on the heat and having parts of the room too hot and others still cold. Actually, let me retract that statement, cold tile floors on bare feet certainly ranks up there. Baseboard heaters don’t do much to solve this problem, and let’s be honest, they’re pretty inefficient. That’s where radiant heat comes in.

Radiant heat = evenly distributed heat

Radiant heat will literally turn your floor into a heater through lines that get run under the floor itself. What this means for you is that the days of cold floors in the winter could be a thing of the past. Since the entire floor is heated, it provides a nice even distribution of warmth to the entire room, so you won’t have cold spots on one side and blistering temperatures on the other. Radiant heat works great for surfaces like laminate or ceramic tiling.

The draw back of radiant heat is that it does take quite a bit of labor to install. The room where you want the radiant heat in needs to have lines run back and forth throughout the entire floor. Once you experience it for yourself though, you’ll never want to go back to traditional methods of heating again. If you want to learn more about radiant heat, don’t hesitate to call Wilbur Henry Plumbing Heating and A/C at 717-755-5461.

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