Why does my furnace blow cold air?

Why Does My Furnace Blow Cold Air?

I’ve had people say to me, “My furnace blows cold air only! Is my furnace not working?” In many cases, the solution is much simpler than you may realize.furnace-not-working-york-pa

Is The Thermostat Set To Auto or On?

For most, checking the thermostat to ensure the fan setting is correct will keep the cold air from blowing when it is not wanted. The switch can be set to a few different options and should generally be in the “auto” or “automatic” position. Otherwise, the “always on” option will keep the fan running at all times, including when the burner in the furnace is not active.

The reason cold air will continue to blow while the furnace is on and the thermostat is set correctly is because the fan assumes that heat is being generated by the furnace even if the burner is not running. If the burner is not running, newer furnaces will attempt to light a few times before they “lock out”. Turning it off and then back on will cause it to try igniting again.

Turn The Furnace Off For One Minute To Reset

If you’ve confirmed that the thermostat settings are correct, turn the electric off to the furnace for a full minute and then turn it back on. The power switch should be located on or around the furnace. If not, it will be near the electrical box which is uncommon for newer furnaces.

Newer furnaces attempt to re-light 4-5 times then if unsuccessful they will “lock-out” The way to remove the “lock-out” is by turning the power on and like, like described above.

After it has had a chance to recycle, it should be functioning properly. If it continues to blow cold air after that attempt, call a professional service technician.

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