Why Would I Put Air Conditioning In My Attic?

Why Would I Put My Air Conditioning Unit In My Attic?

So you’ve got an older house and it’s been long finished, just like many of the homes in York County, PA. You start pricing around to see how much it would cost to get an air conditioning unit installed. You might get quickly discouraged once you find out how much work could be needed to run vents behind the drywall and get you all set up. Luckily though, there are more economical options for you.

The Reason To Put The AC In Your Attic

This exact situation is when we would suggest installing air conditioning in your attic. The great thing about putting air conditioning in the attic is that a minimal amount of labor is involved. Attics are more accessible and easier to run lines through. The air handler would go up in the attic, and you’d still have a unit outside of the house. Once everything is installed, you would simply turn the air conditioning on like any other set up and it would start blowing cool air from the attic down.

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